List of National Days in March

Celebrate these national days in March.

March is a month filled with a variety of national days to celebrate. From recognizing historical events to highlighting social issues, there’s something for everyone to appreciate. Whether you’re looking to learn something new or simply have some fun, these national days in March are a great way to do so.

March is a month filled with national days and months that celebrate a diverse range of themes and causes. From International Women’s Day to National Nutrition Month, there are plenty of opportunities to show support for important causes and learn something new.

Whether you’re passionate about a particular cause or simply looking for new ways to learn and grow, there’s sure to be a national day or month in March that resonates with you.

As our website continues to grow, check back to our national month pages, as we will link to special recipes, crafts, and activities that you can do for each special occasion.

national days in march

March National Months

These are the national months in March that you should be aware of and possibly celebrate!

Women’s History Month

National Reading Month

Disability Awareness Month

Greek American Heritage Month

Multiple Sclerosis Awareness Month

March National Days

1st – Self-Injury Awareness Day

1st – National Minnesota Day

1st – National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day

1st – Endometriosis Awareness Day

1st – International Women of Color Day

2nd – National Dr. Seuss Day (Read Across America)

2nd – World Teen Mental Illness Day

2nd – National Banana Cream Pie Day

3rd – National I Want You to Be Happy Day

3rd – National Day of Unplugging (First Friday in March)

3rd – National Speech and Debate Education Day (First Friday in March)

3rd – National Employee Appreciation Day (First Friday in March)

3rd – National Canadian Bacon Day

4th – National Sons Day

6th – National Dentist’s Day

7th – National Flapjack Day

8th – National Oregon Day

8th – International Women’s Day

9th – National Get Over It Day

9th – National Meatball Day

10th – National Pack Your Lunch Day

10th – National Mario Day

11th – National 311 Day

11th – National Promposal Day

11th – National Johnny Appleseed Day

12th – National Working Moms Day

12th – National Plant a Flower Day

12th – National Girl Scout Day

13th – National K9 Veterans Day

13th – National Good Samaritan Day

14th – International Day of Mathematics

14th – National Children’s Craft Day

14th – National Pi Day

15th – World Contact Day

15th – National Kansas Day

16th – Absolutely Incredible Kids Day (Third Thursday in March)

17th – St. Patrick’s Day

17th – National Corned Beef and Cabbage Day

18th – Global Recycling Day

18th – National Sloppy Joe Day

18th – National Quilting Day (Third Saturday in March)

19th – International Read to Me Day

20th – International Day of Happiness

20th – National Proposal Day

20th – National Ravioli Day

21st – International Day of Forests

21st – World Social Work Day (Third Tuesday in March)

21st – World Poetry Day

21st – World Down Syndrome Day

21st – National Single Parent Day

22nd – National West Virginia Day

22nd – World Water Day

23rd – National Tamale Day

23rd – National Puppy Day

24th – National Cocktail Day

24th – National Cheesesteak Day

25th – National Medal of Honor Day

25th – Greek Independence Day

25th – Tolkien Reading Day

27th – International Whiskey Day

28th – World Piano Day

29th – National Nevada Day

29th – National Vietnam War Veteran’s Day

29th – National Mom and Pop Business Owners Day

30th – National Doctors Day

31st – National Prom Day

31st – International Transgender Day of Visibility 

National Days and Months in March

March is a month filled with meaningful national days and months that offer opportunities to celebrate important causes, learn something new, and connect with the world around us. From supporting gender equality on International Women’s Day to raising awareness about water conservation on World Water Day, there are many ways to engage with the issues that matter to us.

Make sure to explore all of the national days during the year, so you can find ways to celebrate and bring awareness to the things that matter to you most.

Which of the national days in March are you looking forward to the most?

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